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Whether you're trying to break addictions, conquer phobias, or just improve yourself; Self Help Audio offers a variety of solutions to help you accomplish your goals.

CD’s and MP3’s designed to be used before sleep – calming audio and voice guidance first induce users to a hypnotic state, then guide them towards their objectives using hypnotherapy techniques in conjunction with positive affirmations.

Customize Your Audio Programs To Work Best For You

In conjunction with our hypnotherapy and affirmations techniques, only Self Help Audio allows you to customize your programs with background accompaniments of your choice; from soothing nature sounds to new age music  to best suit your preference and ensure your optimal comfort during listening. [Learn More]

You can read more about the self help techniques used in our audio programs or browse our catalogue by choosing a category from the menus to the right.

Self Help Audio Categories:

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Breaking Addictions & Bad Habits
Rid yourself of addictions and habits through positive reinforcements and supporting the reasons you chose to free yourself from your vice.
Weight Loss
Re-program your thoughts about diet and lifestyle changes. Positive affirmations and goal visualizations towards a healthier lifestyle.
Personal Development
Tools for personal growth and development, helping the listener focus on their goals, overcome obstacles and learn new ways to deal with life's challenges.
Sleep Help & Relaxation
Sleep and relaxation tracks to help you calm down, breath deeply and put your thoughts in perspective to get the rest and relaxation you need.
Health & Well Being
Your mind has a significant effect on your body and the way you feel. Self Help Audio can help you feel better, manage pain & promote overall well being.
Phobias & Anxiety
Self help audio is a great method to relieve common anxieties and phobias, by training the mind to relax, accept and deal with the issues at hand.
Studying Aids
Designed to help you focus your concentration and deal with the last-minute stress that often comes with testing and examinations.